Your Brent (council newsletter)
Winnie's communiTREE
Wednesday incl. Dione, Bernie
Valerie son (drivers)
Valda, Joan
Tuesday (Hafid, Lynn, Sabrina, Karen, Da
Trish (driver)
Toiletries example
Thank you from iSpire Care Services
Tariq, Mahmood, Dione
Tata Global Beverages donation
Steve McCormack
Tariq, Dione, Julia, Kieu-My
Tariq with delivery
Tariq Dar MBE
St Gabriels at MAFW Debbie, Ron, Judy, A
Sean, Danny, Reuben
Sandy plant
Sandy, Jyothi, Aditi
Sandy making a call on a courgette
Sabrina (Trish's van)
Ruthie Jacobs at PCC
Rose (after Goods4Good delivery)
Roxy donating plants
Rob Harrison
Radu George
Recipient thank you card
Radu George 2
Plants for CommuniTREE
Rabbi Baruch Levin and Hester
PCC Tariq, Mahmood, Dione
Pastifico Carleschi (pasta donation in A
Pastifico Carleschi (pasta donation in A
Noel of Paddington Food Bank
Nicole, Anna
Nicole with a box
Nick van kids
Neasden Temple
Michelle, Mariam, Nicole, Eugenia, Valda
Mention in Your Brent (council newslette
Maths on Toast
McVities donation
Massoud and Setareh Moinin of Kalleh Ltd
Masks from Bhavana, New Care Pharmacy
Mapesbury Mutual Aid Newsletter
Mapesbury Mutual Aid Newsletter 2
MAFW with Sufra (Tariq, Dione,Fahim Sufr
MAFW Twitter
MAFW outbound box example for baby famil
MAFW raffle
MAFW outbound box example at Easter
MAFW outbound box example 4
MAFW outbound box example 3
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Sean, Danny, Reuben