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Barnardo's, a meaningful partnership

Updated: May 21, 2020

Our partnership with Barnardo’s

Mutual Aid Food Willesden provides short-term emergency food aid for anyone who needs it, within driving distance, without any documentation required. 

Through local outreach by our volunteers, we connected with Barnardo’s who provide such inspirational help.

Here’s one of our local heroes Ruth Joseph of Barnado’s to tell you more.

What do Barnardo’s do locally?

“Barnardo’s were commissioned 4 years ago by Brent Council to provide an early intervention service. We have a number of connections with families, which means we can help identify families who may need additional support.”

Why are we providing food aid?

“Across our services we have seen a large increase in families requiring support. Brent has some of the highest poverty rates in the capital and many of the referrals we have made to Mutual Aid Food Willesden as a result of Covid-19 are from low-income families.They include family members who have been forced to take extended unpaid leave or who have been made redundant. Even though it’s a mixture of households, the stories are very similar. Families who were already struggling before the lockdown started have been pushed further into crisis.”

How do you feel about the local food aid service?

“Mutual Aid Food Willesden is a great service which has come at the time when we need it most. We have a number of families who would not have been helped immediately in any other way. Barnardo’s is really grateful for the support.”

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