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Mutual Aid Food Willesden Newsletter #6

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3rd June 2020 / VOL 6

Dear Neighbour,

We hope you are continuing to enjoy this beautiful weather ☀️

Last week marked our 10th week in supporting local people with food and essential aid. We can't believe how quickly the time has gone, but we are so thankful to have been able to support so many people up to now. All this wouldn't have been possible without your help. Thank you so much ❤️

10 weeks in, the need for food and essential aid not only remains but continues to increase. Please keep supporting us so we can keep feeding local families in need during this lockdown. If you know anyone in need of support, please do send them our way. #LondonTogether #BrentTogether

Donate Now

Thank you Chetna & Sandip from Willesden Temple for your generous donation on Friday (one of many!)Thank you Bhavna from Newcare Pharmacy & Health Shop, Willesden Green, for donating gloves, masks and cleaning products to MAFW these past 7 weeks!

National Volunteers Week

June 1-7 is National Volunteers Week! So this marks the perfect time to introduce you to Costea Radu George - one of our local heroes - an amazing local resident who has become a lifeline for many people during this crisis.

He reached out to us early on during lockdown and we were able to help him by providing essential food parcels for him and his neighbours. Now, he spreads the word about MAFW to the Romanian, Italian and Portuguese communities whilst delivering essential food parcels to those who need help. 

Here’s George himself, to tell you more.

Can you tell us about yourself?

"For 15 years, I've volunteered and helped as I can with doctors. We go to different countries and we help poor families for free."

Have you noticed any changes as a result of Covid-19?

“We were expelled on the street during this period of COVID. I waited for my money from universal credit and those property owners, they didn't have patience to wait and he told us to leave. We were kicked out to look for another room... through hard times in which I did not eat for 3 days."

How are you involved in providing essential aid?

"I thought to share that I was helped by Mutual Aid Food Willesden with other people who are on Facebook too. People followed and liked it and write to me in private on Facebook, saying that they need help. I share and give them food. I was happier that I was able to give them what I received from Mutual Aid Food Willesden.”

How would you sum up what MAFW does?

“I thank Mutual Aid Food Willesden who advised me and was with me and helped me in the hardest moments I went through this period. An angel jumped to the rescue and so many times when I needed it and will remain in my heart. I now help other people as well with the food donated.”

Donate Now

Don't forget to #JoinUsForDinner

We'd love to see you get involved with our #JoinUsForDinner campaign!

It’s super simple to get involved:

  1. Set an extra place at your table to symbolise your support and take a photo

  2. Make a donation on our Local Giving page to enable a family in need to ‘eat with you’

  3. Upload your photo to your social account, tag 3 friends to do the same and use the hashtag #JoinUsForDinner. Don’t forget to tag us! @MutualAidFoodWillesden (Instagram) or @MAFoodWillesden (Facebook)

Please continue to help us spread this important message of support! With your help, we can make a real difference!  🙌🍽🍲

Donate Now

CAP Money Course via St.Gabriel's Church

Register Here

Success story

We heard of a 17 year old who had moved out of care to Enfield and secured themselves a delivery job, but needed a bike and had no funds to buy one. We reached out to our local wards to see if anyone could help, and someone came forward to donate a bike the same day! Thank you so much to this generous local resident!  🙏🚲❤️

Donate Now

Heartfelt thanks

We were really humbled to receive this note from a couple who said that MAFW was the only agency that had helped and reached out to them in this difficult time:“Thank you very much for your great help and kindness. My wife and I were truly very touched, in tears, and lost for words for the great generosity of your organisation.

Adam was great and humble. Without any fuss and a smile on his face, he carried the heavy load to our doorstep. You should be very proud of yourselves for serving the community in this way. May God bless you and keep you safe and in good health.”

Help us today

Monetary Donation - please donate whatever you can. Every penny counts!

Donate Now

Food Donation: You can leave food donations in the yellow wheelie bin outside the Pakistan Community Centre, Marley Walk, London NW2 4PU between 9am - 6pm. The centre is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12-6pm and Tuesdays & Thursdays 3-6pm.

Get in touch: Feel free to email or call us.

EMAIL: TEL:  020 8050 2867

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