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Mutual Aid Food Willesden Newsletter #8

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17th June 2020 / VOL 8

Dear Neighbour,

We hope, as always, that you're doing well 😊

Back in March we set an initial fundraising target amount of £25,000. 13 weeks on and with your help we have nearly hit this target which is amazing. But, unfortunately, the need for food and essential aid is still here more than ever. As the weeks go on, the demand from those who need our help continues to increase and we urgently need continued financial donations to in order to keep supporting our local community.

We have now doubled our original fundraising target to £50,000 and we do have every faith that we can get there, together. Please help, and donate to Mutual Aid Food Willesden today.

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We received a wonderful poem and absolutely beautiful rainbow tree illustration from Olivia, which reminds us how incredible the NHS are and to be grateful for everything they do. Thank you so much Olivia, and well done for such a beautiful drawing and poem 💖

Our partnership with Christians Against Poverty at St Gabriel's Church

Can you tell us about yourself?

I'm Debbie, I work for St Gabriel’s Church in Cricklewood / Willesden Green which partners with Christians Against Poverty, a non-profit charity set up to help people with debt.  We are proud to be Christians but we will work with anyone that recognises that they have a debt situation and want help. I have been a Debt Manager with them for two years.

Typically, someone who is riddled with debt or who just doesn’t know how to deal with their debt problem any more will call a central helpline.  The helpline will look to see if there is a debt centre open local to them and set up an appointment with that Debt Manager.  Over the course of three meetings, a route out of debt solution will be offered.

Have you noticed any changes as a result of COVID-19 lockdown?

The need is double, a 100% increase in the amount of people who need food help than before lockdown. People need food parcels where they are furloughed or have job insecurity. They’re on furlough and feeding a big family, there’s not enough money to go round. Particularly for those whose professions are to look after children after and around school, they are unsure when they will work again with the lockdown. Those families struggled before but got by and now are finding it pretty impossible.

How are you involved in helping to provide essential aid?

Mutual Aid Food Willesden were one of the first during lockdown to say we are starting up:  If you identify a need, Mutual Aid Food Willesden can help. It’s been really good to use Mutual Aid Food Willesden who are very, very efficient and welcoming.  There has never been a time when a parcel hasn’t been delivered.  There is always a friendly face and they are helpful. Even if it is short notice. If I saw a debt client at 9am, they could have some food by 7pm.

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Last week we let you know that we will soon be running an MAFW raffle! All proceeds from the raffle will go towards Mutual Aid Food Willesden, continuing to run the food hub and supporting those who need us.

Are you able to donate a prize?

We are keen to secure as many prizes as possible to make this raffle super special! We have had some incredible prizes donated already, but if you have something you could donate then please do get in touch! It could be a product, a service, a gift voucher or anything you can think of that would make a great prize.

Please drop us a note at if you have a prize to donate!

Get in touch

Success story

We received an amazing delivery yesterday of products donated from Goods For Good. They provided nappies, hygiene and sanitary items, quick-cook meals, tea, biscuits, crackers and much more. This will help those in need so very much so we are extremely grateful to Goods For Good! Thank you!! 🙏

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Heartfelt thanks

A new Christians Against Poverty client said: "My son’s fed up of tuna but what else could I do?” Because all the money was going on rent, they weren’t buying food and there was no real variety.  MAFW had just received a load of donations: fresh food, ready meals, even a bit of meat, potatoes. I delivered it and she was so grateful.  Some variety at last!

Help us today

Monetary Donation - please donate whatever you can. Every penny counts!

Donate Now

Food Donation: You can leave food donations in the yellow wheelie bin outside the Pakistan Community Centre, Marley Walk, London NW2 4PU between 9am - 6pm. The centre is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12-6pm and Tuesdays & Thursdays 3-6pm.

Get in touch: Feel free to email or call us.

EMAIL: TEL:  020 8050 2867

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